Top 10 Ajith motivational quotes with images

ajith motivational quotes
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Ajith motivational quotes with images.

Actor Ajith is being called as Thala of Tamil Nadu. He is well known for mass punch dialogues and unbelievable stunt sequences which never fails to motivate his fans. His latest movie Nerkonda Parvai is a massive hit film in Tamil Cinema which is also one of the most anticipated Tamil films in recent times. Alternatively, you can also check out Ajith’s quote on Karma.

Here are the top 10 Thala Ajith motivational quotes.

10. Make our haters shiver by your look.

The quote means, “How strong your haters may be, make them keep a step behind by your look”.

Thala Ajith wall poster with quotes
Thala Ajith Motivational Wall Poster

9. The best view comes after the hardest climb.

ajith motivational quotes

The quote means, “The best thing would happen if we work hard for that”.

His recent movie “Viswasam” is a mega blockbuster and industrial hit

8. In a world full of fish, be a fcuking shark.

The quote means, “Be different from others like Shark”.

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7. If you want to mess with me, you would better be ready for the consequences.

The quote means, “I am not a rough character normally but I can become one if you cross the limit”.

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6. They say wolf doesn’t perform in the circus but it doesn’t dare to stand in front of a lion, be a  fucking lion.

The quote means “Wolf is not an all-rounder like a lion to perform circus. Lions can perform circus and moreover, one lion can single-handedly fight against 7 wolves”.

5. If you want to be a lion first you must have the guts to fight alone.

The quote means as I told, “One lion can fight against 7 wolves so to be a lion, you must be willing to fight alone in your life”.

4. Quit?  I’ve never heard this word.

The quote means “Never Quit in your life”.

He believed, made decision, has failed, fallen but risen and still ruling

Thala motivational quotes wall poster
Thala Ajith Motivational Wall Poster

3. Let tomorrow be the first page of your 365-page diary. Write a fcuking story that inspires others.

This quote doesn’t need an explanation, “Start writing your own story”.

2. Arrive as a King, live as a legend, be remembered as a gentleman.

The quote means, “Give an entry like a king, fight like an army soldier and you will be respected as a gentleman”.

Live and Let Live

Thala Ajith Motivational Quotes Wall Poster
Thala Ajith Motivational Wall Poster

1. Take challenges, conquer your limits, never give up, work super hard, get up when you’re down.

These are the Thala Ajith Kumar’s rules of success. He is an all-rounder. He can dance, he can ride bikes at 200 km/he speed, he can drift cars to 360°, he can also invent modern drones. His level of dedication plays a vital role in his life. “Never get back if it matters about Self-esteem and self-respect” is one of the best Ajith motivational quotes.

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