Top 10 Simbu Motivational quotes with images

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Here are the Top 10 Simbu (STR) motivational quotes with images

Actor Silambarasan alias Simbu is the Little Superstar of Tamil Nadu people. He has a huge fan among singles . His speech motivates the youngsters to fight for their own rights.

1. I have learned more in the streets than in any classroom.

STR quotes

The quote means “Even the top school in your area wouldn’t teach you about life and money, only when you get into the streets you will learn about life”.

2. Being an adult involves learning to like the taste of bitter things, ‘Heartbreaks and Disappointments.

The quote means “Maturity comes when you understand heartbreaks and disappointments are just passing clouds”.

3. A woman can’t change a man. A Man changes because he loves a woman.

The quote means “Only love can change someone both mentally and physically”.

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4. Live the life that people write novels about.

The quote means “Live a life that is possible only in dreams for most people”.

5. Breakup in love is the wake up to life.

The quote means “Don’t worry if someone rejects you, remember it’s your wake up time”.

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6. Stand for what is right even it means standing alone.

The quote means “No one in this world will support you, except you”.

7. Backstab me once, get ready to witness my dirty side.

The quote means “Basically I am a calm person but if you make me lose my patience you have to face the consequences”.

8. I am like a comeback kid you can’t keep me down for a long.

The quote means “If you are failed, rejected, depressed or sad, never stay over there give a comeback”.

9. Don’t trust any Bitch!! Don’t beg any Bastard.

The quote means “Never trust someone who is coming behind you for a reason”.

10. If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, You are a leader.

The quote means “His actions have always inspired us to move forward in our life”.

Recently Simbu’s age group Actor Arya got married, Let’s hope for an Official announcement from Simbu.

Hence, these are the Top 10 Simbu Motivational Quotes.

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