Why CSK is the best team in IPL?

Chennai Super Kings is the franchise cricket team based in chennai in Indian Premier League . IPL was founded in 2008. Majority of Indian people love to watch IPL .To be frank most people love and watch IPL only because of CSK. Obviously it’s the most favourite team of all IPL season.

Now let’s get into our question , “Why CSK is the best team in IPL?”

Chennai Super Kings gave a extraordinary comeback after 2 years of suspension. In 2018, they took back their championship trophy to home. The main man behind this team’s success is Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He is leading the team since 2008 and CSK has won 3 championship trophies so far.

CSK has the most records in IPL :

Out of 150 matches,CSK has won more than 90 matches .

Batting :

CSK was the first team to set the highest total in IPL. And they still lead at the top of the ranking.

Most matches by player – Raina (CSK) – 150 matches.

Highest individual score by player –

Murali vijay (CSK) – 127 runs.

Most sixes by player – Dhoni(CSK) – 200 sixes.

Bowling :

CSK has the best bowling figures in all their innings.

Ravindra Jadeja is one among them, he had placed the record of 5/16 wickets against Deccan chargers in 2012.

Ravichandran Ashwin is also one of the best players in IPL. He has the best economy 6.54 in overall matches. But now he is not in the team,but the duty he did for CSK is tremendous.

Moreover Super Kings leads top of the table in most hatrick wickets section.

In 2008, CSK players Lakshmipathy Balaji and Makhaya Nitni took hatrick wickets against Kings XI Punjab and Kolkata Knight Riders respectively.

Wicket keeping and Fielding:

Mahendra Singh Dhoni has taken more than 90 dismissals in IPL. Obviously no batsman can escape from him even if they are point one second away from the crease.

Suresh Raina has the record for most catches(170) in IPL matches. He is the best rated fielder in IPL so far.

Team winning :

Most winnings by a team – CSK (80%) till date.

Most winning percentage – CSK (70%)

Most matches as Captain – MS Dhoni (CSK)

There is no end for their records in IPL. Every match they play, either they set a new record or they break the existing records.

CSK has the most fan base,

Before we start, we have to thank all the meme creators who showed their craze for IPL and CSK through their memes and trolls. Of course cricket is an entertainment game. That is why they are here to entertain us.

The name Chennai Super Kings has gathered a huge fan base all because of one man,Thala Dhoni. Even the other IPL team players and even their fans are jealous of Chennai Super Kings because they can never have a extraordinary team like CSK.

Last but not least, whistle podu tagline trended all over the world. The tagline is as follows

“Chennai super kings Ku peria whistle adinga

Enga Thala Dhoni ku peria whistle adinga”

This song potrayed the people’s craze over CSK. Generally Chennai people are popular in showing affection and care, but their love towards CSK is Vera level.

When was it proved?

CSK was suspended for 2 years in IPL (2016-17) for some reasons. Fans all over the world were disappointed by the absence of CSK matches. Those two years ,there was a huge loss for all the Indian business magnets because there was a low TRP.

“My comeback would be more stronger than my setbacks”

In 2018, CSK returned( Return of fierce lions) with new edition. During that season, the whole world got crazy and the TRPs hit the maximum level. CSK fans welcomed Dhoni with the big whistle.Fans couldn’t control their tear and happiness. No other team had this level of craziness in the world.

Whistle podu CSK ku…. The roar continues