100th Win as a Caption | Why MS.Dhoni has to pay 50% fine?

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Yesterday at Jaipur, Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals played 25th match of IPL season 12.

  • For CSK, it’s 100th win in their IPL season.
  • For Mahendra Singh Dhoni, it is the 100 th win as a Captain in IPL.

Obviously it was a thriller match, Dhoni and Rayudu scored above 50 and they almost reached the target. Dhoni was really tired with his consistent of two runs. So he couldn’t give a comeback in last over.

Atlast some unexpected miracles happened, Jadeja hit a outstanding six made the cricket stadium stunning, Well it was a rare one in cricket history.

Dhoni and Jadeja, seems to be enjoy playing in this IPL season, but this one would be the cutest of all.

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Why Dhoni has to give 50% match fee???