Top 10 Thala Ajith Mass Dialogues with images

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Thala Ajith Kumar Mass Dialogues for status.

Ajith Kumar was born on May 1, 1971, in Hyderabad, India. His father is from Kerala and his mother is from Kolkata (West Bengal). Ajith Kumar’s age is 47 years(as in 2019) and he has been honored as “Thala” by Tamil people which means Head of an Organization. Ajith was named Thala after his film Dheena and he believes hard work is the secret of his success. His last movie Viswasam which was directed by Siva is a blockbuster movie and has collected around 210 crores INR worldwide.

Here are the top 10 Thala Ajith mass dialogues

1. Throw me to the wolves, I will return leading the pack.

Ajith Mass Dialogues
Top 10 Ajith Mass Dialogues

The dialogue means “If someone dares to push you to the hell, come back strong suppressing the demon”.

2. Do you hate me? Do you betray me? Alright, you are the inspiration I need.

Top 10 Ajith Mass Dialogues
Ajith mass dialogues

The dialogue means “Let the world hate you, use them as your mind’s fuel for success”.

3. Walk like you are going to fcuk all those who those hurt you so bad once.

Top 10 Ajith Mass Dialogues

The dialogue means “Dress smart and expose a mass walk”

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4. Most people do anything for money but I walk out of the place if there is no respect.

The dialogue means “You should walk away from the place where there is no respect”.

5. The game is on, it’s time to show you how great and powerful I am.

The dialogue means “If the show has begun, show your greatness to this world”.

Thala Ajith wall poster with quotes

6. A lion doesn’t run off when it is surrounded by 10 hyenas.

The dialogue means “A strong person never worries about his opponents no matter how much ever the count is”.

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7. Make your haters shiver by your look.

Top 10 Ajith Mass Dialogues

The dialogue means “Do something in your life so that your haters don’t even dare to come near you”.

8. Don’t blame them for fcuking you, blame yourself for bending over.

tamil hero mass dialogues

The dialogue means “Never pave way for someone who destroys you”.

9. The devil whispers you can’t withstand the storm but the warrior replied I am the storm.

be a warrior

The dialogue means “Warrior is the one who can withstand a massive storm coming through his life”.

10. Get up earlier, stay longer, work harder, fail, fail again but never ever quit.

Get up earlier

The dialogue means “Wake up at 6 am and work hard until you get your work done”.

Therefore, These are the top 10 Thala Ajith mass dialogues. Thala Ajith has set a record-breaking 18.1 million viewership for Viswasam. “Dei en vazhkai la ovvoru naalum, ovvoru nimishamum, yaen ovvoru nodiyum nana sethukunathu da” is one of the best Ajith mass dialogues.

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