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Here are the Top 5 Tamil TV serials 2019.
TV serials are like a black hole which doesn’t have a prediction and an end. we are here to sort the Top 5 serials of Tamilnadu. Since this list of programs sorted out is taken in a report published by the BARC (TRP) RATINGS. It is the TRP ratings of BARC which is publishing every month. Serials have become a part of the day to day life and very comfortable for housewives can do their work by watching TV serials. Serial stories are created in a way to create an emotional bond between the story and the audience. Modern-day serials are taken in budgets which is his higher than top stars movie budgets.

1. Sembaruthi – Zee Tamil

Top 5 Tamil TV serials 2019 – Semberathi

Cast: Karthik, Priya Raman, Shabana Shajahan, VJ Kathir, Sanjay Kumar Asrani.

Cinematography: K.C.Ramesh.

Director: Neeravi Pandian.

Producer: Dinesh Ramana.

Telecast by: Zee Tamil.

Telecast timing: 9 – 9.30 PM
Description: Parvathy is forced into circumstance to marry Adhitya. Akhilandeshwari is the villain of this serial. As like every serial here starts a love story between Adhitya and Parvathy. but Parvathy hides her marriage life with Adhitya and works as a servant in Akhilandeshwari’s house moves on the day to day life of Parvathy.

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2. Nayagi – Sun TV

Top 5 Tamil TV serials 2019 – Nayagi

Cast: Meera Krishnan, Vidhya, Papri Ghosh, Ambika, Senthilnathan, Dhilip Rayan.

Cinematography: S.T.Martz, R.Bala Gurunathan

Directer: R. Balaji Yadav.

Writer: Nandhan Shridharan.

Producer: Vikatan Televistas Pvt Ltd.

Telecast by: Suntv.

Telecast timing: 8 – 8.30 PM
Description: This whole story is playing which goes around the Character Anandhi’, the adopted daughter of kathiresan. she goes to work to run their life very hard as a working girl, has a brother who is the biological son of kathiresan. this serial carried out fully on the things faced by Anandhi.

3. Kanmani – Sun TV Tamil

Top 5 Tamil TV serials 2019 – Kanmani

Cast: Sanjeev, Leesha Eclairs, Alaigai Shambhavi,Jishnu Menon, Ira Agarwal

Director: Sadhasivan Permuaal.

Producer: Sun Entertainment Home movie Makers.

Telecast by: Sun TV

Telecast timing: 8.30 – 9 PM
Description: Kanmani story is on the love between a Village boy, our Hero Kannan and his sister’s daughter soundraya who returns to India after some time in Russia. Our heroin Soundraya fall in love with Akash in Russia when she worked there. She comes hometown to convince his parents to marry Akash.

4. Yaaradi Nee Mohini – Zee Tamil

Top 5 Tamil TV serials 2019 – Yaradi Ne Mogini

Cast: Shreekumar, Nakshathra, Chaitra Reddy, Yamuna Chinnadurai, Surjith Ansary, and Baby Lisha.

Cinematography: Ma Ka Pa Anandh.

Writer: E. Ashokan

Director: N.Priyan

Producer: Monk Studios.

Telecast by: Zee Tamil.

Telecast timing: 8.30 -9 PM
Description: Heroin Venilla is asked to marry her cousin but she refuses to marry him. a major role is played by the Mutharasan who is a kind-hearted person who helps everyone in the village and he is the father of Ruthra and Ghost in the serial .

5. Eeramana Rojavea – Star Vijay TV

Top 5 Tamil TV serials 2019 – Eeramana Rojave

Cast: Dhiraviam Rajakkumaran, Pavithra, Nivisha, Venkat, Shyam, Akshara.

Cinematography: Ramesh Durai.

Director: Francis Kathiravan.

Producer: Signature Production.

Telecast by: Star Vijay TV.

Telecast timing: Noon at 2.30 PM
Description: Eeramaana Rojaave is the name of the movie which was released in 1991. This Serial is mainly based on the life of the character Malar(Pavithra) in which she is about to marry his love of her life. As per the story, the hero died and she got married to a friend of the hero.

These are the Top 5 Tamil TV serials 2019.