One Plus 7 Series Makes Fun of Apple’s Smoothness

One plus 7 teasing apple
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OMG !! One Plus is ready to fight against Apple’s smoothness. In this generation, Apple is really facing tough competition in the mobile market because of the rise of many Android smartphones. But One Plus stands ahead in this line with good quality and powerful performance.

Last year Apple teased Android for poor smoothness. Now One Plus challenged Apple for smoothness with their new launch One Plus 7 series.

So what’s next?

Just wait till May 14 to see the masterpiece “One Plus 7 series”.

1. Apple teasing Android for smoothness

Apple makes fun of Android
Apple makes fun of Android

In this video, Apple teased Android for its poor quality in smoothness. Androids have been facing a tough time in smoothness. In this video, Apple mentioned that they are “Smoother”.

2. One Plus challenging Apple for smoothness.

One Plus makes fun of Apple

Yeah, One Plus challenged Apple last night ahead of their One Plus 7 series release. One Plus has been growing rapidly in all the worldwide markets. In this video, One Plus mentioned that they are “Fast and Smooth”.

3. One Plus teasing Apple for waterproof ratings

Before the teaser of Fast and Smooth, One Plus released a teaser that they are landing their legs in waterproof. To be noted is “Waterproof comes with a bucket”.

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