Deepika Padukone’s Boyfriends List of all Time

deepika's boyfriend list
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Deepika Padukone is one of the all-time favorite heroines in the Bollywood cinema.  She started her career in the year 2007 with the movie “Om Shanti Om”. Padukone is well-known for her gossips and a Bollywood actress with more number of boyfriends list. Let’s see Deepika Padukone’s boyfriends list of all time.

1.Nihar Pandya

Nihar pandey and deepika unseen images

Deepika’s first boyfriend was Nihar Pandya as per Both Deepika and Nihar met in the Studio where they went for an acting class in Mumbai. In the year 2005. Both were paired for duet scenes but later acting become real Romance. Both dated and decided to live together which lasted only for 3years.

2. Upen Patel

upan patel and deepika

In Bollywood Cine world, a well-known model Upen Patel who has a sexy look told by top actors and actress. He entered into the Bollywood Cine field in the year 2006 on his debut movie #36 China Town. Both briefly dated for a period of time, well spoken for the chemistry which worked on their model shoot.

She ranked 2nd in top Instagrammers in India.

3.Yuvraj  Singh

yuraj and deepika

Deepika and Yuvraj Sing were well-known and well-spoken up about their relationship among the cricket and the cinema audience, which lasted only for 2years. But rumors went along and given some viral news also. Both got engaged in a Private party in Australia for Deepika birthday celebration on 5, 2008. On that time Deepika went for a movie shoot in Australia.

4.Ranbir Kapoor

deepika and ranbir image

On their first movie Bachna Ae Haseeno, Ranbir and Deepika were paired up and they told their relationship openly in front of the media. Both dated for three years. But Ranbir’s mother doesn’t show up any interest in their relationship. Both breakups in the year 2009.

5.Siddharth Mallya

sidharth mallaya with deepika

Deepika and Siddarth Mallya had a great time enjoying together. They didn’t even hide their relationship to the real world. Siddharth kissed Deepika for many times publically. Both ran together on the Marathon held in Mumbai 2011. Even Siddharth and Deepika got Engaged and later Officially Siddharth Canceled their wedding through social media on the year 2012.

6. Muzamil Ibrahim

muzail ibrahim

Muzamil Ibrahim and Padukone had a very short time relationship. Both dated for a brief period of time. These went immediately for the breakup with Siddharth Mallya. Even once Ibrahim has refused to act in the movie. Since told that he doesn’t want to work with his ex.girlfriend.

7. Ranveer Kapoor

ranvir kapoor and deepika

Ranveer and Padukone is such a cute couple. Ranveer is found of going to shooting spots to meet Deepika. even once Ranveer went to Dubai secretly to meet her. Ranveer and Deepika got married in the year 2014 November. At Lake Como which is in Italy.

These are the Deepika Padukone’s Boyfriends List of all Time.