Why Will Politician Rajinikanth Stand Out Among Others | Parthiban’s Next

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Can Politician Rajinikanth stand out among others?

Well, Let’s see some incidents which can answer & prove my above question.

• On May 2017

Actor Parthiban made sarcastic trolls on Superstar Rajinikanth. He meant that, “Superstara irunthalum CM aaga aasapada koodathu”. Here is the YouTube link of Parthiban abusing Superstar Rajinikanth.

• On August 2017

Rangarai Pandey raised a question to Parthiban regarding,“Can Superstar Rajinikanth sustain in Politics”. Parthiban answered, “No”. There kick-started about the rage between Parthiban and Superstar Rajinikanth fans. Checkout the official video of Thanthi Tv.

• On Jan 2018

Again Parthiban trolled Superstar Rajinikanth by saying “Raaman aandalum Raavanan aandalum enaku oru kavalai ela“. He repeated this sentence two times sarcastically. But Superstar Rajinikanth fans kept very quiet because of Rajinikanth’s words,”Not to hurt anyone”. Checkout the video here

• Superstar Never Fails to Pay Back in Style

Politician Rajinikanth

Now in May 2019, In Puthiya Thalaimurai Channel Superstar Rajinikanth made a surprise announcement regarding Parthiban’s next “Ottha Sattai”. Here, Superstar Rajinikanth praised him like a lifelong friend. In the below video, you could see that there is no venom in his words.

Well, coming to the conclusion part, from the above incidents it is very clear that Rajinikanth is entering into politics to serve the people and mostly to develop the skills of people with extraordinary capabilities. If this incident would have happened to any other Politician, they would reacted to Actor Parthiban in a negative way. But Politician Rajinikanth reacted in a positive way. Through this strategy, there would be peace and happiness in this world.

So the answers for above questions are

Yes, This is why Politician Rajinikanth will stand out among other politicians.

Yes, Superstar Rajinikanth will sustain in Politics.

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