Steps To Earn Money From Blogging 2019

steps to earn money
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To Earn Money from Blogging in 2019 is just as simple as writing a Facebook post.

I think 75% of people would not know what is blogging and how to start a blog. So before we get into our topic, let’s see a few factors which you should know before you earn money from Blogging.

  • What is Blogging?
  • How to Start a Blog?
  • How to Earn Money from Blogging?
  • Future of Blogging?

1. What is Blogging?

what is blogging

So this is the biggest question which is evolving around Google search. The word Blog derived from the words web log which means sharing your content on the web. It can your ideas, experiences, future predictions, photography, etc. Blogging just means sharing your ideas to the global audience which would be very helpful for readers to solve their puzzles and for bloggers to earn money by monetizing.

2. How to Start a Blog?

how to start a blog

I know the next question which would strike your mind is “How to Start a Blog”. Till 2018, Blogging was a tough platform to build and maintain one. But now in 2019, Corner Papes have made it possible to start a blog in just a few steps. No maintenance, just blog and earn like writing a Facebook post. So, let’s see the steps one by one to start a blog

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click on the menu icon and open My account as mentioned below.

My account

Then you will be automatically redirected to Login page if you are a new user. Kindly Register before starting to write a blog so that the blog will be posted in your name mentioning as Author.

Once your account is created, set up your profile by uploading display and cover pictures and also update your social accounts if needed.

Step 3: Now again click the menu icon and open Write a Blog as mentioned below.

Write a blog

You will land up with a new page with all the features needed to Write a Blog.

Write a blog

Step 4: Give a title for your blog on “Your views on” section

Step 5: In the body section, write a blog related to your title.

Step 6: Use the “Add Media” button to upload an image in between the content.

How to earn money from Blogging

Step 7: Use the “Insert image” button to set a cover image(featured image) for your blog. This will make your blog more attractive.

Steps to earn money from Blogging

Step 8: Use the “Add a link” button to add any link to the blog.

Adding link to a blog

These are the basic steps required to start a blog, you can customize your blog by using all the given features.

3. How to Earn Money from Blogging?

how to make money

So here the monetization works in a very open way, you will get 25- 100 rs for every 1000 views and payment will be made through Paytm, Google Pay, BHIM. You can see “Number of Views” at the top of every blog.

4. What is the Future of Blogging?

how to make money in blogging

The future of Blogging is very bright because of the rapid increase in internet users. Generally, Bloggers use their contents to explore the world, If you ask ‘Is there any future for Blogging? Of course, Yes, Blogging can take you to the future for sure. It can heal your pain through your writing. Some social media may pay you for the content or posts you make. But In blogging, you can earn more money compared to others. The future is all in our hands if we have good content. If your article makes the reader comfortable, then you are the King of Blogging. The future is going to be valuable when bloggers take steps to write as many as blogs possible for a better nation.

I hope you can understand the importance of blogging in the 21st century from this article. So Corner Papes is here to help you to write a blog in a professional manner and lifts you up to earn money from blogging.