Top 10 Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies 2019

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Top 10 Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies 2019

My first blog on MCU, I hope everyone will enjoy the following reviews on MCU movies. Nowadays, Most of the people had fallen prey for The World of Comic Book Movies. Especially, the Marvel Cinematic Universe found its separate niche in all our hearts. MCU has also created a new gold standard, ushering in a series of interconnected films that may never be topped. Okay, sit tight and spare some time to take a look at our choices for the top ten Marvel movies of all time.

10. Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

Thor Rangarok Marvel movie
Top 10 Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies 2019

Among Thor’s series, this is the best creation ever. It showed the true and full potential of Thor as a God of Thunder which other two films failed to do so. This movie is smart, visually exciting and above all, funny. Taika Waititi was an inspired choice as director, and Hemsworth and Cate Blanchett are tremendous as Thor and Hela, the goddess of death who also happens to be Thor’s half-sister.

9. Spiderman: Homecoming (2017)

Spiderman home coming

Tom Holland was just 21 when he played his friendly neighborhood superhero debut in Captain America – Civil War. So, This Peter Parker, played by actual-young-person, is an overachieving student, a hormonal wreck and a super-powered child dying to prove himself to the adults in the room. He makes mistakes and he overshoots. As a result, he is instantly more credible as a high-school kid which made this movie a great watch.

8. Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Gauardians of the Galaxy
To be honest, this may be not the best Marvel movie, but certainly more entertaining. The movie is filled with the perfect blend of action, effects, unforgettable soundtracks and plenty of humor to make it entertaining from start to finish.

7. Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

Captain america the first avenger
In MCU, Captain America: The First Avenger is the fourth installment. The plot was well-constructed, the action was well executed and the actors were phenomenal. Especially, Chris Evans does a great job as Captain Steve Rogers. Overall, it is a perfect origin story with some action sequences and some superhero moments.

6. Avengers (2012)

avengers MCU
The first crossover superhero movie ever made at the time of its release. Watching the MVP characters together in one movie is a blessing for mankind. The best part of this movie is the evil Loki. Tom Hiddleston’s performance was outrageous. The direction part was also quite very well done, hats off to Joss Whedon for pulling it off.

5. Black Panther (2018)

black panther

In MCU, It is the eighteenth installment.  A flawless cast, gripping story, incredible soundtracks and breathtaking actions made this one of the best movies in MCU. Chadwick Boseman as King T’Challa (a.k.a) Black Panther was just perfect. His portrayal was like jumping out of the comic. Michael B. Jordon’s incarnation of Erik Killmonger was outrageous. Letitia Wright’s Shuri steals every single scene she was in. Overall, all the credit goes to the one man himself, Director Ryan Coogler.


4. Avengers: Endgame (2019)

avengers end game

Endgame in Avengers is a perfect extravaganza. As mentioned before, it really is a blessing for mankind to see every Marvel character in one scene. Every emotion is perfectly balanced and conveyed. Endgame isn’t just a film; it is a cultural phenomenon and the movie we all were craving for. We couldn’t have asked for anything better, a film with emotions, action, resolution, and respect to its history.

3. Iron Man (2008)

iron man MCU

The movie that kick-started the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We all should appreciate the casting team for selecting the perfect Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr. was born to play this role. Director Jon Favreau was the right man for this job. The story is very simple yet interesting that follows not just the beginning, but also the evolution of Tony Stark.

2. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

Thanos in MCU

Avenger: Infinity War is just perfect in all the way. Really loved the way the character Thanos was developed. For no apparent reason, he is one of the best villains of superhero movies. This movie felt like a Thanos’ standalone movie most of the time. The ending snap scene left everyone in limbo.

Kudos! Russo Brother.

1. Captain America: Winter Soldier (2014)

Winter soldier

There is something different about this movie compared to other Marvel movies. Actually, so many things are different making it new. This movie talked about politics and other technological threats. It is not the kind of action with random laser beams shooting everywhere, fighting robots or meta-humans. Instead, they were all trained soldiers in a firefight or hand to hand. The tension in this movie is insane, only letting up for a host of incredible fight sequences along the way. Whatever it takes, this is the best movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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