Top 10 Indian Youtube Channels 2019

top 10 youtube channel
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Here are the Top 10 Indian Youtube Channels 2019.

YouTube provides an excellent opportunity for everyone to give wings to their skills. YouTubers in India is sufficient to inspire any ordinary person to utilize and popularise their extraordinary skills. Let’s see the Top 10 Indian Youtube Channels 2019.

1. Amit Bhadana – 14 million subscribers

Amit Bhadana top 10 youtube channel

Top Indian Youtuber, Amit Bhadana, was born on 7th September 1994 in Faridabad, India. Amit stepped into youtube on 24 October 2012. Amit Bhadana has Self-titled YouTube Channel and has 14 Million subscribers worldwide and a total of 786 million views. Mainly his posts come under the Entertainment category.

2. BB Ki Vines – 13.6 million subscribers

BB ki vines - top 10 youtube channel

Bam was born on 22nd January 1994 in Delhi, India. Bhuvan Bam has started his YouTube channel on 20 Jun 2015. Bhuvan’s Channel name is BB ki Vines with 13.6 million subscriber and1.73 billion views. He mainly posts comedy and Singing videos to entertain subscribers. He also showcased the Soldier’s life by posting the short film on his channel apart from the entertainment. In 2016, Bhuvan bam won Web TV Asia Awards for ‘Most Popular Channel on YouTube’.

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3. Gaurav Chaudhary – 12.6 million subscribers

gaurav chaudhary- top 10 youtube channel

Top Indian Tech Youtuber, Gaurav Chaudhary, was born on 7th May 1991. Gaurav used a byproduct of technology and created his YouTube channel to talk about other technologies on 18 Oct 2015. Gaurav channel name is Technical guruji with 12.6 Million subscribers and 1.1 billion views. He posted almost 700 episodes. Gaurav mainly posts Technology related videos on YouTube. He has a famous daily talk named “Tech Talks”.

4. Ashish Chanchlani Vines – 12.5 million subscribers

ashish chanchalani - top indian youtube channel

Ashish Chanchlani was born on 7th November 1993 and joined YouTube on 6th July 2009. His channel name is Ashish Chanchlani Vines and has 12.5 Million subscribers and 815 million views. He never fails to entertain viewers by his posts. He has uploaded 126 videos in his YouTube Channel.

5. Sandeep Maheshwari  – 10 million subscribers

sandeep- top indian youtube channel

Sandeep Maheshwari is a Motivational Speaker and owner of Images Bazaar who was born on 28 Sep 1980. He joined YouTube on 13 Feb 2012 and he has 10 million subscribers and 449 million views with more than 200 videos. Sandeep has taken youtube as a key to open people’s hidden talents and confidence by posting Motivational videos, knowledge-based videos and Life changing videos.

6. Fact Techz – 9.2 million subscribers

fact techz - top indian youtube channel

The owner of FactTechz channel, Rajesh Kumar joined YouTube on 24 July 2016. He has 9.2 million subscribers and 1 billion views. Rajesh Kumar mainly posts Scientific topic videos and he has given an open challenge to his viewers to find his face in social media. 

7. Dr.Vivek Bindra: Motivational Speaker – 8.2 million subscribers

dr vivek - top indian youtube channel


Dr. Bindra is the founder of Global Academy for Consulting and Traning. His channel Dr. Vivek Bindra: Motivational Speaker has almost 8.2 million subscribers and 3.1 billion views. He mainly posts Business related videos and case studies over a different kind of business and his channel is the most subscribed Entrepreneurship channel in the world.

8. Ts Madaan – 7.2 million subscribers

ts madaan- top indian youtube channel

Ts Madaan was born in 1958 in Punjab. He joined YouTube on 30th August 2008. His channel name is Ts Madaan. He has 7.2 million subscribers and 693 million views. He mainly posts useful stuff like Health, Career, Mind, Family, Society, and Soul related videos.

9. Nisha Madhulika – 7 million subscribers

nisha - top indian youtube channel

Madhulika was born 25 Aug 1959 in Madhya Pradesh, India. She joined YouTube on 2nd August 2009. Nisha Madhulika has a self-titled youtube channel. She has 7 million subscribers and 1.1 billion views. She posts food recipe videos and adds flavors and spices to viewers tastebuds.

10. Vidya Vox – 5.8 million subscribers

vidya vox - top 10 youtube channel

Indian born youtube blogger Vidya Iyer was born on 26th September 1990 in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. Vidya joined Youtube on 14th Mar 2014 and her YouTube channel name is Vidya Vox. She has 5.8 million subscribers and 550 million views. She posts mainly music videos on her Youtube channel.

These are the Top 10 Indian YouTube Channels which are ruling on YouTube.