10 Face Care Tips You Didn’t Know About

Face Care Tips
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If you are looking for Face Care Tips to get glowing skin, then you are in the right place.

The face is the main index of our body. As the name, if there is no face, there wouldn’t be any identity. Mostly all of us worry about our natural skin tone color changing. These occur due to the change in the environment and the loss of protein in the upper layer will cause these damages. So let us see about the Top 10 Face Care for curing our skin tone in a natural way.

 1. Skin Glowing – Coffee Mask

Face Care Tips
Coffee Mask

The face is the main part of the attraction in our body, for this, we have to make a cure naturally as follows, take 1 tablespoon coffee, 1 tsp honey, 1 tsp gram flour and add few drops of lemon make it into a paste. Apply a mask over the face and retain it for 20 minutes. Then remove the mask with water and the face becomes fresh and glow.

2. Tan Removal – Aloe Vera

Skin Tips for Face
Aloe vera

Nowadays we are mostly suffering from the formation of sun tan over the face, so here is the cure, make a paste of  Aloe Vera, Turmeric powder, honey, and lemon proportionally 1 tablespoon. Apply over the face and remain for 20 minutes. after that remove the mask with water.

3. Pimples Removal – Tomato Mask

Face Care Tips
Tomato mask

Annoying things for all young boys and girls are pimples because it loses their attraction, even some girls and boys look great with a pimple. All of them need a cure, the cure is

  • Grind Tomato
  • Gram flour
  • Turmeric powder
  • Milk with saffron

Mix all of them into a paste and then apply over the face then remove with water after it dry. This is the best cure for pimples problem. You can use Juices and Masks of tomato to get white skin.

4. Skin Glowing – Aloe Vera

Face care tips
Aloe Vera

If you want a better result with skin glowing, here is the simple and easy way, Apply pure Aloe Vera over the face and retain it for a full night. After you get up, remove the layer with water. Your skin would start to glow even in a dark place.

5. Face Black Removal – Lemon

Face Care tips

Black Spots in the face below the eyes and nose is like the sediment of black color. It can be removed by scrubbing the black spots in the face with Lemon Skin dipped in sugar and then clean up the face with warm water. This method can completely remove the black tones.

6. Neck Black Removal – Potato Extract

Potato extract
Potato extract – Face Care Tips

Some persons have a formation of black color around their neck side. It can be easily cured with Potato juice, lemon juice, gram flour proportionally 1 tb spoon and honey 1 or 2 drops. Apply over the neck and allow it to dry, then remove it with water you could see the black color fading out.

7. Black Lip Removal – Beetroot

solution for lips problem
Beetroot – Face Care Tips

Some girls and boys have black lips, it visualizes them like a chain smoker. Jokes apart this occurs due to the sugar and periods problem. Apply lemon scrub with sugar to remove dead cells then apply Beetroot juice over the lips and clean it for best results.

8. Nose Pores Removal – Egg Extract

Face care tips
Egg Extract

Formation of pores over nose makes so hard to survive. Well, we have a solution for that, apply egg white over the nose then paste tissue over the nose and again apply another layer of White egg over the tissue then remove it after drying. You could see the pores coming along with the tissue.

9. Face Glow – Egg Extract

solution for Skin problems
Egg Extract

Everyone wants the best result for face glow here is the solution for, glow make a pack of Egg white, Gram flour and honey fully apply as a pack over the face then remove it after 20 minutes for better result.

10. Black Eye Removal – Potato Extract

Face Care Tips
Potato Extract

Some people study in late night, work hard in the late night so it could make way for the formation of black spots around both eyes. This could reduce your attraction and make you look dull. This can be cured by applying hinged potato over the eyes after a full night and remove it with water for the best result.

These are the Top Face Care Tips you should follow to care for your skins.