Like Rajinikanth Did, The Whole World is Wishing PM Modi

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Like Rajinikanth Did!

Last few months, there was a speculate going on all over TamilNadu and on all Tamil people living countries. It was, Rajinikanth is a silent worker of BJP because everytime Superstar wished when Modi achieve a success. Last week he wished his worker’s son too😂. Lol Jokes apart, So everyone started assuming him as he works for BJP.

Now when Narendra Modi won the Election, Superstar congratulated in his Twitter handle.

So Rajinikanth’s haters again started to blast him. And the main highlight here is, After Superstar wished Prime Minister Narendra Modi,

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The world leaders started to pour their wishes on Twitter.

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Now, the whole world is shocked about Narendra Modi’s massive victory. On the other side, coming to the South India, the media channels started debating about Superstar’s tweet and North Indian famous news channels too.
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