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Actor Jeyam Ravi’s upcoming movie Comali is trending on Twitter. The movie is directed by debut director Pradeep Ranganathan and Music by Hip-hop Tamizha Adhi. Here are the Jeyam Ravi’s Comali First Look Posters trending on Twitter which has been` released by Tamil cine Actors like Vijay Sethupathi, RJ. Balaji, Andrea, Jeeva and Music director Iman with Eight posters still now,

First look poster of comali

Actor Jeyam Ravi with his Son Aarav Ravi

Jeyam Ravi’s 9th Look

Jeyam Ravi’s 8th Look

Jeyam Ravi’s 7th Look

Jeyam Ravi’s 6th Look

Jeyam Ravi’s 5th Look

Jeyam Ravi’s 4th Look

Jeyam Ravi’s 3rd Look

Jeyam Ravi’s 2nd Look

Jeyam Ravi’s 1st Look

These are the tweets of Jayam Ravi’s Comali First Look Posters trending on Twitter.

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