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Here are the Top 10 Most Paid Bloggers in India 2019. In India, Blogging is more than writing something and publishing through the website. People who are thinking that blogging is a waste of time, then this article will help you to know how bloggers are earning in India.

Blogging is a medium to share quality information to the world. The sources of income of these bloggers are Google Adsense, Affiliate Program, and Direct Advertisements. These Top 10 Most Paid bloggers in India 2019 article is listed according to the earning and popularity of the bloggers.

1. Amit Agarwal – ₹ 30,00,000

earnings of Bloggers in India
Most Paid Bloggers in India – Amit Agarwal

India’s first professional blogger Amit Agarwal holds an Engineer Degree in Computer Science from I.I.T. His popular Award-winning Digital Inspiration Blog guides about technology topics and mobile apps. He quits his job and became the first Indian Blogger in 2004. Now his monthly income is 30 lakhs. He is an author of most useful websites. He has appeared on various TV shows and Radio shows including CNN, IBN, NTTV.

2. Faisal Farooqui – ₹ 25,00,000

list of Indian Bloggers and their income
Most Paid Bloggers in India – Faisal Farooqui

Farooqui is the founder and CEO of, a consumer review and research website in India. He is an advocate of freedom of expression and his estimated monthly earning is 25lakhs. Farooqui filed a petition in Supreme Court of India to nullify India’s Information Technology Rules 2011. He has been mentioned in the

3. Harsh Agarwal – ₹ 26,00,000

List of Indian Paid Bloggers
Most Paid Bloggers in India – Harsh Agarwal

Harsh is one of the promising bloggers in India. He started his blog named ‘Shout Me Loud’ in Sep 2008. He Blogs about various topics including Blogging, SEO, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing and guides about how to make money Online. Affiliate programs are the main source of his earnings. His main motive is to liberalize each and every person from the regular 9-6 jobs. His estimated monthly income is 26lakhs.

4. Shradha Sharma – ₹ 30,00,000

earnings of Bloggers in India
Most Paid Bloggers in India – Shradha Sharma

The first Indian Female blogger, Shradha Sharma who founded a famous media website named ‘YourStory’. In the Year 2008, She started her website and became popular in a very short time. She mainly focused on sharing information related to Entrepreneurs, Business leaders, and their stories. Shradha is earning around 30 lakhs per month from his blogging and she is the listed third in the top 10 Highest Paid Blogger in India 2019.

5. Amit Bhavani – ₹ 17,50,000

earnings of Bloggers in India
Most Paid Bloggers in India – Amit Bhavani

The most Famous blogger Amit Bhavani, Founder of PhoneRadar and Triprazer. He is a Tech blogger who shares his opinion around Tech. Amit is a Search Engine Optimizer who is running an SEO company from 2006 along with the Web Development Business. He started his blogging in 2005 and now he is the owner of many other blogs like His monthly earnings from blogging are 17.5 lakhs.

6. Varun Krishnan – ₹ 16,00,000

List of Indian Bloggers earning
Most Paid Bloggers in India – Varun Krishnan

One of the successful blogger in India, Varun Krishnan who is the biggest fan of mobile phones and gadgets. He started his in March 2005 which is one of the popular sources for mobile consumers and technology enthusiasts from across the global. His blog talks about technology news and reviews and his estimated monthly earning is 16lakhs.

7. Ashish Sinha – ₹ 13,50,000

earnings of Bloggers in India
Most Paid Bloggers in India – Ashish Sinha

Another most famous blogger in India, Ashish Sinha who has huge experience in the field of technology. He has worked for top brands like Yahoo, IBM, etc. He started his blogging in 2007 with his blog pluggd. Later he changed his blog name as which is India’s Largest platform for Technology startups. He earns almost 13.5 lakhs per month and his blogs are mainly about Technical stuff, Startup business, Entrepreneurship, etc.

8. Srinivas Tamada – ₹ 11,00,000

Earnings Of Indian Bloggers
Most Paid Bloggers in India – Srinivas Tamada

An Indian based blogger from Chennai, Srinivas Tamada who is the SuperStar of the blogging industry. He mainly blogs about web programming and web designing. His blog mainly suits for the people looking for technical stuff and information. His monthly earning is around 11 lakhs from his blogging. If you like programming then you can follow him and get the latest web development knowledge from his blog at

9. Jaspal Singh – ₹ 6,00,000

earnings of Bloggers in India
Most Paid Bloggers in India – Jaspal Singh

The man behind the is Jaspal Singh, who is a professional blogger from Jaipur, India. He is a Mechanical Engineer with some skills in Designing and Coding. His interest in computers and the internet made him a self-proclaimed geek. He publishes all types of articles like

  •  Fashion
  • Technology
  •  Health
  •  Travel

and many more. His monthly earning is around 6 lakhs.

10. Pradeep Kumar – ₹ 3,50,000

earnings of Bloggers in India
Most Paid Bloggers in India – Pradeep Kumar

Kumar is a well-known blogger who runs Hello Bound Bloggers which talks about Social media, Internet, technology, and guides about how to make money on blogging. He started his blogging at the age of 17 and also he is one of the inspirational bloggers in India. He faced several hard years to become a standard blog. His estimated monthly earning is 3.5 lakhs.

These are the Top 10 Most Paid Bloggers In India 2019.

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