Surat Fire Accident – A Complete Information

Surat fire accident
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What is the reason for Surat Fire Accident? From where did it start actually? Did how many students die? What is the current situation? What is the next step from AMC fire department? – A Complete Information below,

Where did Fire in Surat Start?

On May 24, 2019, A fire accident happened in Sarthana. It is a municipality of Surat which is in the western part of Gujarat. According to the report from the local people of Surat, the fire broke out from the nearby electric substation.

Where is the Reason for Surat Fire?

A high voltage Distribution Board started to get spark due to the bad maintenance in that electric substation. Suddenly the fire transformed vigorously and started to spread over the coaching center on the top floor of the commercial complex. The students got scared and they immediately called for emergency services but they arrived 40 min late to the spot. Since there was no arrival of Fire Force within 30 minutes, students one by one started jumping from the top of the complex to rescue their lives. Well, there was no fire extinguisher or any other fire safety systems were also not kept in that complex. Even after the emergency rescue squad came to the spot, the students were still jumping from the top floor.

How Many Students Died in Surat Incident?

Many students were rescued and they have been sent to the hospital for treatment. But. In this dark incident, 19 students and 1 teacher died and many students got injured.

A New Hero in Surat.

Surat fire news
A New Hero in Surat

During this Fire accident, A guy saved 2 girls from falling down like a Superhero. You could see a guy saving two girls at 1:00 / 1:18 from the above video.

What is the Current Situation in Surat?

The vigorous fire burnt all the things in its way. After this incident, Gujarat chief minister Rupani visited the injured students in the Surat hospital. And also he granted 4 lakhs for victims treatment. Former Gujarat Chief Minister Shankar Sinh Vaghela and Nationalist Congress Party Leader urge the government to provide 10 lacks as compensation to the families of the fire victims.

What is the next step from AMC Fire Department?

The government ordered to close all the coaching classes in Surat. And the department of fire and safety has been ordered to check all the places of coaching centers in Rajkot. Only After their certification, the coaching centers will be re-opened.

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