Thalapathy Vijay Gifted Auto-Rickshaw Drivers with a Meal

vijay gifted auto rickshaw drivers
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It’s Good to hear that Actor Vijay gifted Auto-Rickshaw Drivers with a meal and gifts. The International workers day is all about honoring the tireless workers.

vijay gifted auto rickshaw drivers

Actually, it was a delayed May Day gift for them. Every year Thalapathy Vijay has a habit of serving food and gifts to his fans who are struggling very hard for their life. This time, due to elections, Labour’s Day lunch got slightly delayed. But Vijay gifted auto-rickshaw drivers without failing.

Well, Thalapathy Vijay would have gifted them on May Day itself. But his haters and media channel would consider it as a political stunt. To avoid all these, Labour’s Day lunch and gifts were delayed. This is a Noble Gesture from Thalapathy Vijay.

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auto-rickshaw drivers gifted

vijay fans waiting in hall

thalapathy fans having meal

vijay fans eating food