Top 10 Motorcycles You Didn’t Know About

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Everyone in this world love to ride a motorcycle, though it acting as a life partner in each person’s life. Racing becomes fashion, passion, and profession for many people, most the middle-class people know only about some superbikes as per their mindset. Here I am gonna discuss the Top 10 Motorcycles you didn’t know and this will be the latest data of each every bike listed below, come let us see the beautiful, costliest and deadliest bikes.

10. BMW – K 1600 GTL

list of top 10 motorcycles

BMW is one the best Corp in Cars and now they set their trend in the production of Super Bikes. Here I have to show you that BMW bikes are fame for their different mode of appearance and in performance.

So, coming up to BMW K 1600 GTL, it’s a Hyper Tourer with the best adventure experience to you while riding it, comes up with

  • 6 – cylinder engine
  • Displacement – 1649 cc
  • Weight – 336 kg
  • Max Power – 158 @ 7,750 rpm.
  • It cost up-to Rs.28,10,000.

Click here for more details. It’s well known for smoothness and brings you a very comfortable feel while riding it.

9. Honda – Fire Blade 1000 RR

So many talks are given about comfort and smooth, here comes the monster which hits the bike in the sky, if you just scroll the throttle, the bike will run in the heat. here with us is Honda Fire Blade 1000 RR, I surely bet u that if you see that bike, you won’t leave it without riding the bike.

  • 4 – cylinder engine
  • Displacement – 1000 cc
  • Weight – 195 kg
  • Max power – 186.3 @ 13,000 rpm
  • It cost up-to Rs.15,81,345.

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8. BMW – S 1000 RR

best sportsbike fior the people who dont know

Coming back to the BMW section here comes the most powerful engine which rides you to the dome, please try to understand the bike, he will execute you to the dome’s day. jokes apart, it looks like a Shark and it will the prince of the Road. this BMW S 1000 RR will attract you with his sexy appearance.

  • 4 – cylinder engine
  • Displacement – 999 cc
  • Weight – 204 kg
  • Max power – 193 BHP
  • It cost up-to Rs.17,90,000.

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7. Yamaha – R1 YZF

best motorcycle for ever

From the bottom here comes the newcomer to show his weird appearance, the all-new Yamaha R1 YZF will rev your heart beat. your heartbeat will easily coincide with the engine piston. It will give a very tough to all other bikes on the list. This bike ranks 7th in the list of top 10 motorcycles you didn’t know.

  • 4 – cylinder engine
  • Displacement – 998 cc
  • Weight – 200 kg
  • Max power – 194.3 @ 13,500 rpm
  • It cost up-to Rs.20,73,074.

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6. Aprilia – RSV4 RF

list of top 10 motorcycles

Many of us underestimated this brand motorcycle, but it’s the most powerful bike ever seen, it hits all people with appearance and power. Aprilia RSV4 RF will be the toughest bike for sport and also in appearance. This V4 engine have high in all type of power and high in performance.

  • 4 – cylinder engine
  • Displacement – 999 cc
  • Weight – 179 kg
  • Max power – 195.5 BHP
  • It cost up-to 24,91,000.

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5. Suzuki – GSX R1000

list of top 10 motorcycles

I know you think about this is an ordinary bike and it have very low in power, your guess is entirely wrong, This Suzuki GSX R1000 is the best in visual and best in the level of performance. In Suzuki it will be the best in all design work, it is entirely different from your point of view.

  • 4- cylinder engine
  • Displacement – 999.8 cc
  • Weight – 200 kg
  • Max power – 196 @ 13,200 rpm
  • It cost up-to 19,83,114.

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4. Suzuki – Hayabusa

list of top 10 motorcycles

From the year 1999, it is the most important bike you have to know about its power and appearance. And its new design is now released in 2019 and it is very cute in appearance. It is fitted with (S-DMS) Suzuki Drive Motor Selector for 3 weather conditions. the sensor will detect the present state to drive the motorcycle effectively

  • 4 – cylinder engine
  • displacement – 1340 cc
  • weight – 266 kg
  • max power – 195.5 BHP
  • it cost up-to Rs.24,91,000.

Click here for more details about Hayabusa.

3. Ducati – Panigale V4

list of top 10 motorcycles

Coming we are entering to the weird motorcycle topic, it is the most powerful, stylish, sexist and charming motorcycle in the world. yes, this is Panigale V4 for you. if you get a chance to ride it please remember that it is the number one stylish bike in the world.

  • Displacement – 1108 cc
  • Weight – 198 kg
  • Max power – 211 BHP
  • It cost up-to Rs.20,53,000.

2. Ducati – Panigale V4 R (2019)

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Same like Ducati V4 the Panigale V4 R is simply like a Monster, it will easily attack all the best bikes in the world only on its appearance. This monster have a cruel look and easily affect the road by its power if you ride this you will be the ghost rider for this bike.

  • Displacement- 998 cc
  • Weight – 193 kg
  • Max power – 214.1 @ 15,250 rpm
  • It cost up-to Rs.51,87,000

Click here to the full spec of Panigale V4 R.

1. Kawasaki – H2R

list of top 10 motorcycles

The topmost bike in all reports, article, and records is Kawasaki H2R. it is the first bike in history which reach the top speed as 400 km/h @ 26 sec. no bike break this record from 2016. it is the No.1 sportbike ever. It is like a big humongous monster in looks and performance. it is very very hard to see this, it proved from its cost fixed to this motorcycle.

  • 4 – cylinder engine
  • Displacement – 998 cc
  • Weight – 216 kg
  • Max power – 317.1 @ 14,000 rpm
  • It cost up-to Rs.72,00,000.

Click here to view the full specifications of Kawasaki H2R.

These are the top 10 motorcycles you didn’t know, for more news and updates stay connected with