Top 5 Adventurous Places in Tamil Nadu 2019

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If you wander about the Adventurous Places in Tamil Nadu, then you are exactly in the right place. Adventure, simply known as bringing the adrenaline to the peak level. Roller Coaster Ride and Walking alone in Road brings your mind to jerky. People in India love to visit abroad only for enjoying the adventure but our mother earth brings naturally adventure set up for us to live the moment. In this article, you gonna see about the top 5 adventurous places in Tamil Nadu 2019.

1. Ooty – Masinagudi

Best adventure area in Tamil nadu
Masinagudi – Ooty

The name shows the weirdness of the place, the adventure level of Masinagudi not mentioned easily in one word, you must be filled with a thrill from the beginning of the road from Ooty. Its 36 km from Ooty with a dangerous hairpin bends, the place is filled with Green Forest and Wild animals such as

  • Tiger
  • jaguar
  • black jaguar
  • deer
  • bison

At the same time, the nightlife of Masinagudi shows the Thug presented in the atmosphere with animals. The sound of the forest will easily bring you thrill experience, I am damn sure that you will entirely enjoy this place.

2. Valparai – Top Slip

If you really want to enjoy the thrill experience of wildlife and night thrill real wildlife experience the Top Slip will be the best place for you, here you can enjoy

  • Elephant Safari
  • Real Jeep Safari
  • Wooden Cottage
 adventurous places

Top Slip the place where you can see a number of Jaguars and Tigers If you are lucky you may able to meet a Tiger. Top Slip is 65 km from Valparai near Pollachi.

  • Rs.30 charged per head
  • camera and vehicle must be charged.

Monkey Falls

 adventurous places
Monkey falls – Valparai

From Valparai, Monkey Falls is also one of the adventurous places added in the list. This place suits for trekking. It is wide in appearance and good for a relaxing part. Only 25 km from Valparai, ₹30 is charged per head.

3. Kodaikanal – Mannavanur

 adventurous places
Mannavanur – Kodaikanal

The place which god owned it for heaven is Mannavanur. It’s a small beautiful village which is 24 km from Kodaikanal, Mannavanur has good food mainly for hungry Bikers where the road which drives us to the village is awesome. Adventure part comes when you ride a bike the mist will entirely hold the road like a tree, It’s beauty girl with a dangerous eye.

4. Trichy – Pachaimalai

 adventurous places

A city thrill is near you, this is Pachaimalai near Trichy to enjoy the adventurous hilly waterfall, take a deep breath and feel mother water. The backdrop of the mountain will feel like you are in heaven. The falls bring from kolimalai hills which gives us a fresh feel. The road drive will bring adventure to reach this place.

5. Coimbatore Velliangiri

 adventurous places

This Place perfectly suits for the people who need peace, trekking, and adventure by walk. Velliangiri is the place where all Hindu and Non-Hindu used to enjoy their Trekking experience, It’s a total package of 7 Mountains, Lord Shiva is situated in 200-meter wide cave, apart from devoting it is filled with adventure to accomplish all the 7 Mountains. A stream is situated in the 6th Mountain for refreshment.

These are the Top 5 Adventurous Places in Tamil Nadu 2019. Click here to see the Top 10 Tourist Places in Tamil Nadu 2019.