Two Times When Rajinikanth Gave Life To Actor Ajith

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When Rajinikanth Gave Life To Ajith?

We all know that Superstar Rajinikanth and Actor Ajith have a close relationship since 90s. There were days when Actor acted as a Superstar Fan in his movies.

In 90s, if you act as a Superstar fan in your movie, that movie would become a massive hit.

Those Superstar fans were ruling all over the world. Ajith as a Superstar fan, has also tasted this secret and had massive success movies. Okay, Now let’s get into our topic.

When are the two times Superstar Rajinikanth Gave Life to Ajith?

• Billa Remake

The first time when Superstar Rajinikanth gave life to Actor Ajith was before the making of Billa Remake. When Superstar Rajinikanth was asked about ‘who would be the perfect one for Billa Remake’, he pointed Ajith Kumar. After the release the Billa Remake, Ajith’s cinema market level went to top level. From that point, he got chance to work with famous directors. His movie “Mankatha” is one kind of it. Ajith Kumar’s Billa movie was released in 2007.

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• Survival of Life

This is the time when Superstar Rajinikanth saved Ajith Kumar from Political monsters. During the Kalaignar Paarattu Vizha Function, Rajinikanth gave his support for Ajith Kumar infront of whole Politics leaders. The whole Auditorium stunned for a second. This is how Superstar’s voice gave life to Ajith Kumar for the second time about 10 years ago.