World Leader Trump Meets Japan Emperor Naruhito

U.S. President meets Japan Emperor
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U.S. President Donald Trump Meets Japan Emperor Naruhito in Lavish Welcome Ceremony. U.S. President Donald Trump was welcomed with a red carpet.

U.S. President Trump meets Japan Emperor
U.S. President Trump Meets Japan Emperor
Trump and Japan Emperor
Trump Having Dinner With Emperor
grand entry
Trump’s Grand Entry to Japan

Yes, World Leader Donald Trump Meets Japan Emperor Naruhito. U.S. President Donald Trump is the First World Leader to meet Japan Emperor at Lavish Ceremony. This grandeur function held at Imperial Palace, Tokyo( Capital of Japan) on May 27, 2019. Like them, Japan Empress and Donald Trump’s wife has also attended this function.

trump wife with empress of japan
US Queen with Japan Empress

trump wife with japan empress
Tokyo is one of the World’s Biggest Cities and it was renamed from the word ‘Edo’. Donald Trump met Japan’s Prime Minister too. Japan Emperor Naruhito welcomed U.S. President Donald Trump in a grand way which made history. Naruhito arranged a special sumo match for Trump and also Japan Emperor played Golf with him.

trump in sumo
Special Sumo Match for Trump
trump in sumo
Japan Emperor Awards the Winner

Last time when U.S. President’s visited Japan was 5 years ago. It was a Great Gesture from U.S President Donald Trump to visit Japan after long years. And Japan has also come one step forward towards peace and unity.

And this is how the U.S President Trump tweeted about his moments in Twitter,

Expectations from this Meeting

  • U.S. President Donald Trump and Japan Emperor Naruhito are expected to discuss trade negotiations and to solve the ongoing problems around the world. Also to discuss North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs.

  • Officials close to Emperor of Japansay that Japan Prime Minister Abe would ask Donald Trump again to resolve the issue of abductions of Japanese citizens by North Korea decades ago.

  • Next month when Donald Trump comes back to Japan for G20 summit in Osaka, most of the problems expected to come to an end.