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Remedies For Periods
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The Periods are scientifically known as the menstruation. It is a common thing for all females of age group between 11 to 50. The Periods are nothing but the monthly discharge of blood and tissues from the uterus through the vagina. It occurs in a gap of 28 days (with minor changes). In the following blog, you see about Top 5 Remedies for Period Cramps.

The cyclic events take place in a rhythmic fashion during the reproductive period of the womenโ€™s life is called the menstrual cycle. For females, the first menstrual flow occurs between the age of 11 -14 which marks the onset of puberty and it is called as Menarche. And it stops around the age of 48 -50 named as menopause. Normally the menstrual flow happens for 4 to 5 days. Period cramps are the pain that is experienced during your period. We could treat these cramps with some home remedies. Here we discuss remedies that you can try it at home, which will really help you with the period cramps!!

1. Fennel seeds

Remedies For Periods cramps
Fennel Seed

Take 3 to 4 tablespoons of fennel seeds, add it to a cup of water and boil it for a while. Drink the boiled water. Your cramps will vanish within a few minutes

2. Belly Rubs

Remedies For Periods cramps
Rubbing Your Belly

The next tip to treat the cramps is by giving belly rubs. Just rub your hands gently over the belly where you analyze pain. You will see an immediate result.

3. Divert your mind

 Periods Remedies for cramps
Concentrate on Others

A simple tip to get rid of cramps is by just diverting your mind. This could be done by concentrating on other activities like listening to music, watching TV, etc.

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4. Paracetamol

Tablet for periods
Paracetamol tablet

Most of us know that paracetamol is a good pain killer. You could consume a tablet if the cramps are severe. Avoid intaking it often.

5. Heat

Period symptoms
Using Hot water
  • Dip a cloth in hot water.
  • Squeeze extra water and place this cloth over the stomach.

This remedy helps in reducing the pain.

These are the Top 5 remedies for period Cramps with the help of commonly used household things.

Note: If you have serious period problems, it’s better to consult a doctor.


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