Who Started Pray For Nesamani | Vignesh Prabakar

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Pray For Nesamani.

Who is Nesamani? Who attacked Nesamani with a hammer? A new meme fest is unleashed by Tamil social media’s MICRO Bloggers which is going viral in front of World twitter audience.

Who is Nesamani?

Neasamani is a painting contractor in Tamil movie Friends which was released in the year 2001. Tamil comedy actor Vaigai Puyal Vadivelu has acted in as Neasamani in this movie. Kollywood top celebrities Vijay and Suriya have played the lead role in this movie. In this movie when Neasamani was doing contracting works in the Raja’s Palace, he gets hit by a hammer in his head. This hammer fell on his head because of the carelessness of Krishna Moorthy.

Who Started Pray For Nesamani?

Vignesh Prabakar from TamilNadu is the man who started the hashtag PrayforNesamani. This hashtag started to trend after a question raised by a Pakistan-based meme page called Civil Engineering Learners. They posted a hammer image and questioned everyone “What is the name of the tool in your country?” For more details check the images below,

pray for neasmanii
Place Where PrayforNesamani Started

As Tamizhans are well known for timing sense comedies, one of our Comedy Puyal Vadivelu’s fan (Vignesh Prabakar) saw the post and immediately made a quick connection between the Hammer pic and Incident which took place in Tamil movie Friends. Moreover, he has commented on the whole incident.

pary for neasamani
Vignesh’s Reply

Who is Vignesh Prabakar?

Vignesh Prabakar is a Tamizhan who is working in Mclaren Constructions Ltd, Dubai. He is from Pudur, TamilNadu. He did his Civil engineering in PSR Engineering College, Sivakasi. This is how Vignesh Prabakar expressed his happiness after trending worldwide on Twitter.

pary for neasamani

Now from the other side, there was a reply “Is he ok?”. Then they both made a little serious conversation as this incident was a real one, Before leaving the comment section, he mentioned a hashtag as #PrayforNeasamani!!!.

Soon the Hashtag became a viral funny topic among all Tamil cinema audience. Then all over Tamizhans started to trend this funny topic. Even celebrities have started to tweet one by one and made an unforgettable tribute for the character Nesamani.

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