Why SRM Students Suicide Didn’t Come To The Lights?

SRM students suicide
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SRM Students Suicide didn’t come to the lights because of Pray for Nesamani hashtag.

Suicide is the most coward thing in this world. Nowadays Students are committing suicide just like eating chocolate. It seems they think committing suicide can remove the pressure from their head.

On 26.05.2019, Anupriya, a 3rd-year Biomedical Engineering student and a resident of Ponneri in Tiruvallur district, committed suicide by jumping from the 10th floor. But in this case, the reason behind this incident is quite new and different. Before committing suicide, she has written a letter about the reasons behind her death. The Police said that the accident took place at 8.30am.

SRM students suicide

The main reason that she wrote in the letter was, “Due to the Pressure from his Parents”. It seems her parents didn’t even give the basic freedom. She was didn’t allowed to use phones too. They focused only on her studies. She has also mentioned his little brother in this letter stating that “At least you live life as you like my dear”.

The next day after 27.05.2019, Again a student from SRM college committed suicide. A first-year student named Anil Chowdhri committed suicide by jumping from the 2nd floor. Like Anupriya, Anil Chowdhri were also pressurized from his parents which pushed him to commit suicide.

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How Did This News Get Hidden?

This news happened at the same time when Nesamani started to trend on Twitter on May 27, 2019. People were busy trending Nesamani including us, but we are supposed to look forward to this matter.

Here are the tweets from the people who are requesting to tweet about SRM college suicides and asking help for justice. Instead of trending Nesamani, people should question the reason behind these two suicides.

These are the questions raised by the people of TamilNadu that why SRM students suicide didn’t come to the lights.