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NGK’s Twists And Hidden Secrets

Director Selvaraghavan, tweets about NGK’s twists and hidden secrets. He thanks for the support and revealed the hidden layers of Suriya’s character.

Hidden Twist

hidden secrets of NGK
Surya In NGK

Actually, there are two color tones in this movie. one is green color and another one is red color. Green one represents good character while the red one represents the bad character of the same person. In this movie director, Selvaraghavan has carried both the color tones in a well-scripted manner. You can see these color tones throughout the movie.

Oki, Now let’s see how well director Selvaraghavan’s color tone magic worked out in this movie. Till the interval block, NGK tries hard to become an MLA in the green color tone, and after the interval, the story goes in a very different way, here NGK achieves his dream in a negative tone. This is how Selvaraghavan’s screenplay worked out in this movie.

The Twist starts after the interval block when his friend death makes him more popular than the other two ruling parties. He met Rakul to know how to become an M.L.A within a sector. She tells him about the real fact that

“No one won’t vote you until you pay them, you must have 4 crores to solve this”.

Now NGK made a secret cruel plan to win M.L.A seat without any use of the money he knows the fact, he won’t become M.L.A until he gets Money. This will be the best part of this movie because he plans to sacrifice his family in front of the people.

As like the above tweet, the sentimental drama is the main twists and hidden secrets of NGK. This Character shows no one can’t enter politics without any sacrifice meanwhile there is no place for honor and ethics.

Is It Worth?

Surely NGK would be a political thriller movie, you definitely enjoy this movie. The taste of Selvaraghavan is different from other commercial directors, Also the twist from the movie is somewhat difficult to understand but if you watch closely you will find easy.

Must watch Twice to understand NGK’s twists and hidden secrets.

Rating: 3.75/5

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