X-Men Dark Phoenix Movie| Review And Ratings

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X-Men Dark Phoenix Movie Review and Ratings

The continuation of X-Men Apocalypse which is released in the Year 2016, If you engaged with X-Men Series then you can clearly understand the character name and comes with very wonderful Graphical output. The film is based on Marvel comics and produced by 20th Century Fox, Donner’s Company, Marvel Entertainment, TSG Entertainment, It’s budget up to $200 Billion.

About Dark Phoenix

The movie begins with the character Jean Gray destroy her own family by her uncontrollable telekinesis power after that Charls Xavier took her as an X-Men Mutant, This happens in 1975. So many years passed, A rocket from US government launched in the space and get trapped in a Solar Flair. So, the X-Men team set ready for rescue and the incident of rescuing the people from the space ship. Jean Gray trapped in that flair.

X-Men Dark Phoenix Movie Review

After that, she gets more power in Telekinesis and mind control. Finally, with her power, she found that her father survived in the accident, after that she leaves X-Men home, for searching her father and she realized it happens only because of Charls Xavier. At that time an alien from the space stepped in the earth for seeking Jean. So, the story moves along with the subject

  • Does she kill the whole X-Men crew?
  • What happens after the alien’s arrival?
  • Does the alien change her mind to destroy Earth?

From My Perception 

Although it’s an X-Men movie, it has so many mysteries like, why Logan died? what will be the situation for the future mutants? Does Logan come back in future? is the main question arose from all X-Men Fans. Also, so many faults like there are no interlink between each and every X-Men part!

X-Men Dark Phoenix Movie Review

Believing that Dark Phoenix will be the solution for all your questions but it’s completely waste of time. there are hidden details and twist, the screenplay is worst and the movie story is weak. Even an X-Men lover won’t love this film, because there is no connection and this part is not necessary.

Apart from the negatives, the positives of this movie are graphics, action block, and Jean power. If you want to enjoy X-Men, surely this part will not satisfy you but the acting of Sophie Turner is an amazing piece of cake.

Ratings for X-Men: Dark Phoenix – 2.25/5

Though this movie has some lags, if you a Sophie Turner fan, you surely love her acting and performance. And this X-Men Dark Phoenix movie review 2,25 is only for the action sequence and graphics.

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