Acko Car Insurance Benefits and Reviews

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Acko Car Insurance

Benefits and Reviews
Benefits and Reviews

Probably, Acko was founded in 2016 and within 3 years they have gained the trust of more than 7 million Indian customers. Not only they offer one-hour pickup but also they provide doorstep delivery within 3 days. Above all the great thing about Acko Insurance is that they have got 5.0 ratings from customers on Google reviews.

If you planning to go with Acko General Insurance, it would be a better choice for you. Eventhough if you are still confused about choosing which is the best, I would suggest going with Top 10 Car Insurance Companies in India

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Benefits of Acko Car Insurance
Benefits of Acko Car Insurance

Prices that can’t get even better.

  • Upto 80% Off on premium.
  • Zero Depreciation Cover
  • Minor Damage Coverage
  • Fire Damage Coverage
  • Damages caused by Natural disaster
  • 5000+ Cashless Garages
  • Guaranteed Insured Value if your car is theft
  • Third Party Liability
  • Personal Disability Cover
  • Third Party Death Cover

Note: Third Party Liability means you can claim insurance if you cause damage to someone with your car.

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Reviews of acko Insurance
Reviews of Acko Insurance

Here are the reviews from customers of Acko Insurance.

1. I had replaced by BREZZA headlamps..claim process was easy..In this process, I lost my car charger during my service..but Acko took care of the issue well and settled a refund. Good Job Acko – Venu Gopal.

2. Buying insurance is always easy, it was the same with this for my wife’s car. It was easy buying few quick clicks and ya it was 1.5k cheaper than the others. But I am rating Acko 5 stars as I had a wonderful insurance claim experience. Our car got damaged due to bad road and we had to claim insurance. From the time I called the helpline to the end, it was perfect. Simply Superb. Who said in India we do not get good service. These guys gave me this superb customer experience – Debasis Bhattacharya.

3. Acko is the best insurance company I have ever seen in the market. With best prices, they have lovely customer support all I want to say is Acko has got a lifetime customer – Shabnam Zehra.

4. Best in the market. I have searched all available offers and service rating and I found Acko is best for me – Anoop Chandra.

5. Excellent and fast claim approval, no hassle, excellent staff, easy follow up on email and call. It took one day to get it approved and same day money also transferred to my account. Excellent service provided by Mr. Dipendra Jha, worth a mention. He made sure proper care is taken and gave excellent hospitality – Shadab Khan.

Most noteworthy, Acko is recommended by more than 850 people on Facebook.

Acko Car Insured facebook Recommendations
Acko Facebook Recommendations

How to Claim Acko General Insurance?[ps2id id=’claim-acko-insurance’ target=”/]

Probably Acko made the claiming process very simple so that customers would fall for them. Finally, don’t wait for even more to get your car insured from them.

how to claim acko insurance step 1
Step 1
how to claim acko car insurance step 2
Step 2


Acko Car Insurance Contact Number(toll free number)

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