Virat Kohli Stops the Indian Crowd from Booing Cheater Smith During India Vs Australia

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Virat Kohli Stops the Indian Crowd from Booing!

The conflict between Indian Captain Virat Kohli and Former Australian Captain Steve Smith is Solved!

Virat stops the crowd
Virat Kohli Shakes Hand with Steve Smith

As well know, India won the first match against Australia in ICC World Cup 2019 by 36 runs. In this innings, Shikhar Dhawan scored 117 out of 109 balls, Rohit Sharma scored 57 out of 70 balls and Virat Kohli scored 82 out of 77 balls which lead to an easy victory for India.

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India vs Australia
Reaction of Virat Kohli

During yesterday’s match of India vs Australia, when Indian Skipper Virat Kohli was batting, all of a sudden Indian fans started to chant Steve Smith as “Cheater”.

Virat Kohli Stops the Indian Crowd from Booing.
Virat Kohli Stops the Indian Crowd from Booing

On seeing this, Virat got really upset so he stopped the Indian fans to stop booing by hand gestures. Instead, he asked them to encourage him so after this incident, Steve Smith thanked Kohli for his gesture by shaking hands with him.

Well, it was good to watch Indian Skipper asking the Indian fans to applaud Steve Smith. Indeed, Kohli and Smith have had a lot of friction between them earlier, it was an excellent gesture from Indian Captain during ICC World Cup 2019.

After the match, Indian Skipper Virat Kohli reported that,

“Just because there are so many Indians fans here, I don’t want to set them a bad example. He didn’t do anything bad to be booed in my opinion. I felt for him and told him sorry on behalf of the crowd. In my opinion, that’s not acceptable”

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