Top 10 Beer Brands In India 2019 with Prices

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Are you a beer lover? Looking for the beer brands for the party? Here are the Top 10 Beer Brands in India 2019. Peoples make the beer as a refreshing drink that matches all the age categories whether it is an oldie or a young. This is a type of alcohol which perfectly matches all the scenario. You can now buy instant beer powder and mix it with water for instant beer.

India has the largest beer consumers. So as per the taste and availability, we ranked the list of Beer Brands in India 2019.

Here are the Top 10 best selling beer brands in India 2019

1. Kingfisher Premium Beer

Kingfisher instant beer powder

The Liquor King of India (Kingfisher) is manufactured by the United breweries group led by Vijay Mallya. It takes us to the Kings of Good Times. It has abundant malt and the light, refreshing taste. In addition to it has a variety of flours at a good price. King Fisher has recently launched instant beer powder for instant beer.

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Even more, they have a strong focus on quality and customer-centricity which makes them the largest beer company in India. The Kingfisher has been launched in India with a market share of about 38% in 1978.

Kingfisher strong 4.8% alcohol
Kingfisher Blue 8% alcohol
Kingfisher premium 8% alcohol


Kingfisher Can Beer 500 ML ₹ 100.00
Kingfisher Premium Lager Beer 650 ML ₹ 125.00

2. Carlsberg Beer

Carlsberg beer

The most famous beer brand in the world as well as in India is Carlsberg, probably The Best in the World“. It was launched in the year 1847 and has experienced rapid growth in the 90s. The Indian market has given a secure place to this brand. It has several names such as Carlsberg Lager, Carlsberg Beer, and Carlsberg Pilsner which is a kind of abv Pilsner beer. The tastes and flavors give you a mild bitterness on your tongue.

Carlsberg beer 5% alcohol
Carlsberg Classic 7% alcohol


Carlsberg Elephant Strong Super Premium Beer 500 ML ₹ 110.00
Carlsberg All Malt Premium Beer 650 ML ₹ 160.00

3. Tuborg Beer

tuborg beer in Pondichery

The Beer which gives fine taste is Tuborg which is a lager beer, brewing it on lager malt results in its well-known mild, fresh taste with the aroma of flowers. This medium rich and lively drink has a moderate bitterness. Tuborg is a Danish Brewing Company which was started in 1873 by Carl Frederik Tietgen. Since 1970 it has come under Carlsberg Group. Tuborg Strong, Tuborg Green, Tuborg Classic are the variety of Tuborg.

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Tuborg Classic 4.8% alcohol


Tuborg Green Beer 500 ML ₹95.00
Tuborg Strong Premium Beer 650 ML ₹ 120.00

4. Budweiser Beer

Budweiser beer price

The Beer which gives us satisfaction with their fresh and light taste is BudweiserThe King of Beer“. Budweiser claims to use the same five ingredients that Adolphus Busch used when he started the brewery: water, barley, yeast, hops, and rice. It is one of the best beers in the list of top 10 beer brands, this legendary American beer has inspired so many beers to come into existence.

Budweiser Premium 5% alcohol
Budweiser Magnum 6.5% alcohol


Budweiser Premium King of Beer 350 ML ₹ 100.00
Budweiser Magnum Strong Beer
650 ML ₹ 150.00

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5. Fosters Beer

Top 10 Beer brands

The Beer which mainly preferred to women is Fosters, due to its low alcohol content. It is one of the favorite drinks for Australians and also loved in India. Foster’s Lager, which is a golden color beer with a strong malty aroma and Foster’s Premium, which is a copper color drink these are the variants of Fosters Beer.

Fosters Beer 4% alcohol


Fosters Lager Beer 330 ML ₹ 65.00
Foster’s Strong Premium Beer 650 ML ₹ 125.00

6. Heineken Beer

Top 10 Beer brands

The popular beer Heineken is cherished for its relatively strong punch and a full-bodied taste. This Beer is slightly stronger than other mass-produced lager drinks. The variants of this beer are Heineken Premium Beer, Heineken Draught. The Heineken brewery was founded in Amsterdam in 1864 and has since become famous for its green glass bottles.

Heineken Premium Beer 5% alcohol


Heineken Lager Beer 650 ML ₹190.00

7. Corona Extra Beer

Top 10 Beer brands

The drink which we want to try at least once in our life is Corona. It gives smooth taste with fruity-honey aromas and a touch of malt. But we can get only in pubs, however, it has a high cost but worth having a drink. This Corona beer was launched in 1925, Mexico. The variants of this beer are Corona Extra, Corona Light.

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Corona Beer 4.5% alcohol


Corona Extra Beer 355 ML ₹280.00

8. Haywards 5000 Beer

Top 10 Beer brands

One of the best beer brands in India, the Haywards beer is most recognized for its iconic Haywards 5000, a brew which is one hell of a strong lager. This “Damdaar” lager has made its remarkable presence for its vintage advertising and of course, a formidable hit that rocked most of North India. This beer consumed most in Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, and Chattisgarh.

Haywards 5000 Strong 7%


Original Haywards 5000 Super Strong Beer 500 ML ₹ 95.00
Original Haywards 5000 Super Strong Beer 350 ML ₹ 70.00

9. Miller

top 10 beer brands

The Lager which we called the “Champion of Beer” is Miller. It is a quintessentially classic, American-style lager. This is one of the cheapest beers in India and it is suitable for those who drink beer like water. The Miller High Life is less bitter when compared to all other brands and is a perfectly smooth drink with normal alcohol content.

The Miller High Life 4.2% alcohol


Miller High Life Tin 500 ML ₹115.00

10. Hoegaarden Beer

Top 10 Beer brands
The Father of all Beer, Hoegaarden was first brewed in 1445, and it is one of the oldest beer among all. Hoegaarden makes the cut solely on the basis of its flavors and taste. It is designed for those who feel a long lazy afternoon.

Hoegaarden Beer 4.9% alcohol


Hoegaarden Beer 330 ML ₹250.00

These are the top 10 Beer Brands in India 2019. You can tell your Ratings in the comment section below with Facebook Id.