15 Reasons Why I Love My Father

Reasons why i love my father
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Here are the 15 Reasons why I love my Father,

1. He is My First Hero, He will be Always

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Father is the one who carries us in our heart. He carried us in his shoulder when we were little to show how beautiful the world is. Before watching movies we never know how a hero will be. By watching our dad I experienced how a hero will be. Yes, he is my first hero and he will be always the special superhero who do wonders just for us.

2. He is Extremely Intelligent

Whenever we need any solution for a problem or confusion, he is our best adviser because he can give the best solution to our problem. After talking with him it never looks like a problem at all and he is extremely intelligent in all his ways. He makes everything very simple and easy. Our best companion who has always been there when you need him.

3. He is Dedicated

15 reasons why i love my dad

He always thinks and acts for his family. His dedication to his work is flawless. He sleeps at home late night and wakes up in the early morning before we get up. He does things for the family members before we ask for it. He never says he is tired.

4. He Thinks Always Out of the box

He admires our activities every time. He always wants us to think that everything is possible and also insists that nothing is possible in our history. He tells us that hard work always pays, always wants us to be the best in everything.

5. He will Sacrifice everything for his Family

15 Reasons Why I Love my Father

First thing whatever he does, the family only will be in his mind. He sacrificed many leisure hours where he can have a nap, just pay our daily needs, school/college fees, dancing classes.

6. He Never asks for Anything

He never asks for anything, even if you beg him to tell you what he wants.

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7. He is a Good Husband

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By watching him we used to learn how a woman should be treated with respect. He is a good husband, a good neighbour who runs for them when they need any help. He never fails to help someone who is in need.

8. He Never Quits15 Reasons Why I Love my Father

He is never a quitter, he never let you quit either. He is the living example that anything in this world is possible when you do it with passion. He just does millions of wonders for us.

9. Time for the Family

Why reasons why i love my father

He knows how to have a good time with the family. He regularly takes us a tour for our favorite place to have a wonderful vacation. He buys you everything you need without asking you. His love is endless.

10. He is a good Learner

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Educating himself in many ways are his specialty and also he educates others. Never say no to learn a new thing, he loves to learn a lesson from his kids too. He uses to update himself in new stuff, current affairs with the help of his kids. A good listener can only be a good learner.

11. He is an Inspiration

Whatever he does, it always inspires us. The way he starts the bike, the way he makes jokes to makes us smile when we are not in the mood to smile. His jokes, his singing abilities to make us glad. The way he blinks when he got caught for doing something which our mom doesn’t like. The walking style, dressing style even when he combs his cute little hair.

12. His Hugs

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His hugs always heal when we need some support. He gives the best hugs which give the strength to tackle all the daily challenges. We feel safe and secure when we are inside his hands. It’s the safest place in the whole world.

13. Adventure Seeker

15 Reasons Why I Love my Father

He always loves to learn new things. He is the best cook even though he never knows how to make a tasty one. The thing which he does will all include a lot of love. He never says never to doing adventures things with us.

14. The Best Tea Time Partner

15 Reasons Why I Love my Father

Sharing the tea time with him is the best of all, the things we share and the jokes we make are priceless. Happiness never lies money his smile is the best reward we get that makes our life meaning full.

15. He is my dad!!!

Moreover, he is my dad, the best dad in the whole world. Will make wonders just to see his happy and proud face. He always declares that he has the best daughter in the whole world. He grows us in the way that we are born to rule the world without any expectation for him. Making him proud should be the ultimate goal of our life.

Share your love to your father on this special day. Every single day is fathers day so cherish fatherhood who sacrificed his lives for our better life. He is the one who always wants us to be the happiest soul in this whole world.

These are the 15 Reasons Why I Love My father.