Top 10 Shahrukh Khan (SRK) Motivational Quotes

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Shahrukh Khan Motivational Quotes

The King of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan is well known as SRK who was born on 2nd November 1988. He is one of the top actors of Bollywood Cine world. SRK has appeared on 81 movies to date. He started his career by doing minor roles in several television shows in the late 1980s. SRK’s debut movie was Deewana which released in the year 1992. To date, he has won billions of Hearts from the World cinema audience. Even in all over the country, SRK has a huge crazyfan base.

Here are the Top 10 Shahrukh Khan Motivational Quotes.

1. If People use you to move on, you have to use them to wipe your ass.

Shahrukh Khan Motivational Quotes

The quote means, “Some people would seek you for healing them, don’t ever allow that”.

2. If what I do threatens you, please stay away from me because the flame inside me will burn you.

Shahrukh Khan Motivational Quotes

The quote means, ” If my move scares you, better stay away from me otherwise you won’t get out alive”.

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3. Stop trying to recycle what God is trying to replace.

Shahrukh Khan Motivational Quotes

The quote means “God knows what is correct for you, he just waits for the right situation to reward you. So don’t take back what you have lost”.

4. When the way is blocked, Cowards will walk back but the brave one would bring a hammer and demolish it.

SRK Motivational Quotes

The quote means, “Smash all your feelings and keep moving”.

5. Take charge, fcuk the system, write your own story.

king Khan Motivational Quotes

The quote means, “Don’t worry about what the world would think, your life is all in your hands. Open it and live the life you want right now”.

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6. There is no courage in living comfortable life courage is all about breaking all those odds in front of you.

Khan Motivational Quotes

The quote means, “Bravery is not sailing in a smooth sea, it’s about traveling in the dark road through a ghost valley”.

7. If your life got harder, Congratulations!! You found the path created by God especially for you.

Badshah of bollywood

The quote means, “Hardness is the secret way which was created by God to success”.

8. Be a decision-maker. The world is already full of thinkers and talkatives.

 Shahrukh decision maker
Top 10 Shah Rukh Khan Quotes

The quote means, “Stop thinking, it’s time to get into action”.

9. Love is like the Ocean. It’s cool when you fall into it but if you stay longer it will drown you.

srk motivational quotes

This quote applies to all categories. Don’t give you too much for anyone, you might get drowned.

10. Everyone changed and they will still change now it’s your turn to change the game.

Shahrukh quotes

The quote means “Don’t keep on reading the quotes, start changing your life”.

Hence these are the Top 10 Shahrukh Khan motivational quotes. Shahrukh Khan is the Badshah of Bollywood and also called as King Khan.

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