Top 10 Akshay Kumar Motivational Quotes

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Akshay Kumar Motivational Quotes

Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia is well known as actor Akshay Kumar, he was born on 9th September 1967 and he is an Indian born Canadian actor. Akshay is one of the top paid actors in Bollywood. He is a multi-talented personality whereas he is an Actor, Producer and Professional Stunt man, and he is a specialist in Martial art. Not only he has got several Film Fare Awards but also he has won the National Film Award. He performs stunts by his own on his movies because of that he has earned a name Sobriquet “Indian Jackie Chan“.

Here are the Top 10 Akshay Kumar motivational quotes

1. It’s up to us, have a vision, think big ignore the no sayers work your a*s off and change the world.

akshaya kumar motivation

The quote means, “Stop complaining others and start working hard”.

2. Mark the target, get into the field, smash it and fly high.

actor akshaya kumar motivational

The quote means, “Set your target, aim it and shoot it”.

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3. Be hard like a stone but shine like a sun in the ocean of dark waves.

actor akshaya kumar

The quote means, “Whatever you may be, be a sun who can give lights for those who are in the dark”.

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4. Legends are not born in a day. And remember, Even legends could fall in a day if they make a wrong move.

actor akshay kumar

The quote means, “Don’t be a head weight person after you achieve success so because it’s hard to stand but it is easy to fall down”.

5. Two things should be on a racer’s mind “Life or Death ” but on the track, the speed never decreases.

actor akshay kumar

The quote means, “Never disrespect yourself even when you have nothing”.

6. When your friend is making fun of you, don’t be sad, Instead encourage him you will get a tough partner.

actor akshaya kumar

The quote means, “Earn a tough partner so that you will keep running fast in your race”.

7. Thank your haters for being strong because it made you raise your game.

akshaya kumar

The quote means, “You are here because your haters pushed you to the edge of a mountain for you to fly high”.

8. Out of 100, only 5% of people choose to go an extra mile even after a long survival be the one in 5%.

akshaya kumar

The quote means, “Go a few extra miles where others can’t reach”.

9. This world is watching, get ready to fight when you are young.

akshaya kumar

The quote means, “Show your greatness to this world, and in this world age doesn’t matter to achieve success”.

10. Whatever the bottom you can go, wear on your shoes straight and sparkle on.

akshaya kumar motivational

The quote means, “Life may push you to any situation, be ready”.

Hence these are the Top 10 Akshay Kumar Motivational Quotes. Bollywood Actor Akshay Kumar has been called Khiladi of Bollywood by his fans.

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