Top 10 Salman Khan Quotes

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Salman Khan Motivational Quotes

Bollywood King Salman Khan is famous for his bold speeches and motivational quotes. Well, he was born in the year 1965 whereas his full name is Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan and his ancestors are immigrants from Afghanistan to Indore currently which is in Maharashtra. Salman is the host for famous Hindi TV series Big Boss from season 4 to 11. Currently, this is the most popular show in India because of two reasons where one is for Great Salman Khan’s attitude and another one is because of more adult content in it.

Here are the Top 10 Salman Khan Motivational Quotes.

1. Don’t hiss like a snake roar like a lion.

salman khan motivational quotes

The quote means, “Be a brave one to roar like a lion instead of hissing like a snake”.

2. No no! Stop chasing your crush. You are born to chase your dreams.

salman khan motivational quotes

The quote means, “Stop wasting time on following girls and focus on your goals”.

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3. Don’t limit your ambitions chase goals stay connected to your dreams. success will chase you.

Rambo of India quotes

The quote means, “If you are chasing the dream with limitless confidence, success will chase you for sure”.

Salman Khan Motivational quotes wall Poster
Salman Khan Motivational Wall Poster

4. Success is like being pregnant, everyone says congratulations but no one knows how many times you were f*ucked.

bollywood superstar quotes

The quote means, “Everyone will wish you for your success but no one knows the pain behind that”.

5. Let the world dig love and lust you set goals and dig it every day.

salman quotes

The quote means, “Don’t mind about the kid’s thing just set goals and make success.

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6. Strong men scare weak women because they never fit inside the box.

salaman khan motivational quotes

7. Be the superhero you imagined off when you were young.

be the superhero motivational quotes

The quote means, “When you are at a young age and live your life like your favourite superhero”.

8. When people throw stones at you, use it as a stepping stone for success.

motivational quotes of Salman Khan

The quote means, “People will hate you but make them as your motivation to get success”.

9. People will hurt you and act innocent so make sure your middle finger stands straight.

people will hut you quotes

The quote means, “People will always throw shit on you, so make sure you give a standing ovation with your middle finger”.

10. If what I do threatens you, please stay away from me because the flame inside me would burn you alive.

Tiger khan quotes

The quote means, “Burn like a flame so that no one can dare to touch you”.

Hence, these are the Top 10 Salman Khan Motivational Quotes. Bollywood King Salman Khan has earned so many nicknames by the people of India such as Tiger Khan, Rambo of India, Robin Hood Khan, Sylvester Stallone of India and so on. Alternatively, you can also check out 10 Quotes on Karma.

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