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World’s Largest Cutout For Bigil

Every time fan of any actors starts to celebrate their movies before the release. But this time Vijay fans started their celebration before the first look of the movie. They planned to make for Thalapathy Vijay massive cutout while the release of the movie “Bigil”.

This would be the world’s largest cutout for Bigil which is not planned by Tamil Nadu fans or by Kerala fans, but newly Malaysia fans took this and going to make 250 feet for “Bigil” movie. This is going to be massive. Malaysian social media released the update on twitter.

Worlds largest cutout for bigil
Thalapathy Vijay Motivational Wall Poster

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Last time, Thalapathy Vijay fans have started the celebration even a week before and one of the most noticeable celebrations happened in Kerala. Vijay fans club in Kerala under the name Kollam Nanban have erected a 175 ft cutout for their star.