Real Reason Behind Madhumitha’s Eviction | Big Boss Season 3

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The reason behind Madhumitha’s eviction in Biggboss 3:  

Big Boss is the biggest reality game show in Vijay tv hosted by Kamal Haasan. Now big boss reaches its season 3 of its eighth week, and now the show has been traveling between Boys vs Girls mode after the re-entry of Vanitha Vijayakumar, spreading outside happening into the house to all the girls.

biggboss madhumitha
BiggBoss Madhumitha Evicted Reason

After Vanitha provoking to Madhumitha, she gets angered with all the boys and saying that boys are dominating all the girls and also they are using the girls in the house to make a strategy game. It becomes a series of arguments with the boys inside the house in the last couple of days. Kavin, Sandy, and Losliya had verbal duels with her.

Biggboss Madhumitha evicted reason
Captain of Biggboss 3 – Madhumitha

She was one of the contestants who were in the danger zone and was expected to be safe this week. Madhumitha had also won the captaincy task so that she cannot be nominated next week also.

Here is the twist made by Big Boss:

All the big boss lovers waiting for the promo to see what is going to happen, but Vijay television didn’t release till 3.00pm. Later they posted that some technical issue so that promo delayed now we released the promo.

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On that promo, Madhumitha has been shown as evicted. Same as Big Boss announced Madhumitha is evicted because of breaking the rules.

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After coming out of the big boss house she spoke with Kamal Haasan, he disappointed that she has ignored the success that was before her, and has come out. Madhumitha said it was the result of the expression of her feelings.

Now every Big Boss lovers are searching that why Madhumitha made a suicide attempt?


Now it has been rumored that during the helo app activity, Madhumitha had spoken some statements about Cauvery water issue, and this lead to other housemates disagreeing her points which further lead to fights and arguments, ultimately leading to Madhumitha’s suicide attempt and also some people saying that she was affected by mentally like Oviya so that she hurt himself.


These are the reason behind Madhumitha’s eviction in BiggBoss 3.