Nurturing an Indoor Jungle: A Guide for Indoor Plants Dubai

indoor plants dubai

Indoor plants are bliss for those who aspire to remain close to nature despite of their complex city setup. Indoor Plant Suppliers in Dubai are prepped up cater to all your needs so that you can create an easy DIY indoor jungle at your home and at your workspace.

The key to creating an amazing indoor plants installation is, understand your sense of likeability. Quite often, the buyers get confused, here the trick is- get inspired from the nature and the forests where your heart resides.  Deep dive into your favorite forest setup and create a space that reflects your personality. Surf the net, re-read those magazines where you once found all your inspiration. The universe is full of diversified species, colors, sizes and forms. Of course, you can’t get it all but similar minuscule versions of a few will certainly be available for you to pick.

Once you have the clarity, the next step is followed by creating a mix. The nature has mixed them all in a unique fashion and you should too. For example, place that big one on the floor and surround it with few smaller ones. Pro Tip: Try some plant ropes, baskets, stands and hangers to nurture and beautify your indoor plants Dubai. Furthermore, add some personal touch to your indoor plants by adding some terracotta, copper, ceramic, candles, etc. Lit up a fairy light and immerse yourself in tranquility.

Third step involves inviting peace to your décor with an aromatic jungle-like fragrance that makes you feel closer to nature.  Adorn your indoor plants Dubai with fragrant plants and flowers like jasmine, lemongrass and a few others that evoke all the five senses and let you crawl back into the memories when you enjoyed the luxuries of being close of nature.

Next comes the most difficult one. Our customer care calls are bombarded with questions such as, How to care for the indoor plants? How to keep indoor plants alive? How to assure that my indoor plant doesn’t die?  We at Sonya Plants and Flowers ensure that none of our customer faces this issue. So here are a few generic tips to help.

  1. Don’t overwater your plants. Most of the times, the plant owners get over emotional with their tiny indoor plant and ends up over watering them. Avoid such overwhelming decisions.
  2. Remove the dead stems and leaves from the plant by simply, chopping them off. The old and dried plant parts should not interfere with the new ones’ growth.
  3. Considering the indoor air and temperature, the indoor plants need more humidity compared to the normal ones. To ensure that this criterion is met, place small pebbles and stones atop the soil of your plant.
  4. Consider regular maintenance for the plants from a specialized plant supplier in Dubai. Regular maintenance of plants increases their lifespan and keeps them healthy.

These are just a few basic tips for Indoor plants Dubai. If you are looking for more inspiration and suggestions, feel free to reach out to us and we will get back to you super soon.