Guide for Steel fabrication Companies in UAE- Three methods to weld the steel

steel fabrication companies in uae

In this blog, we will be sharing a quick guide for steel fabrication companies in UAE. Stainless steel industry is a very important pillar of the UAE economy and post COVID, a steep rise is expected from the same.

The stainless steel welding process depends entirely on the finish and thickness of the steel used. Broadly speaking, there are three methods of steel welding, namely:  MIG Welding, Resistance Welding and TIG Welding.  Read the blog below and we will take you further to the understanding of each method in detail.

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1. TIG Welding

Offering high quality, flexibility and longevity, TIG is the welding procedure that creates a low heat input, making it perfect for thin material. The argon gas is often blended with other pollutants, based on the requirements of the specific project, such as helium, hydrogen and nitrogen. To prevent oxidation and increase resistance to corrosion, a single-sided welding process can be utilized creating inert backing gas protection between the interior and exterior welds.



Resistance or “spot” welding, as it is frequently called, is just one of the cheapest types of welding. The resistance welding (RW) gear is incredibly flexible, which means it may be used on both small and massive jobs.

RW uses an electrical current to heat frayed metal edges and seal them together. This sort of welding is exceptionally successful on metal with a low melting point because it can be customized to prevent distortion of the metal.



MIG welding is a semi procedure that when done correctly provides a solid joining of two pieces of stainless steel. This process uses an argon rich protecting gas and a strong wire electrode.

It also uses a pulsed current supply, which makes it easier to weld these tough-to-reach stains on complex stainless steel jobs.

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Picking the perfect method for welding stainless steel depends on what qualities you’re searching for. If you’re looking for a less expensive weld, spot welding might be the best option for the job. But when the substance we’re working with is lean, then TIG or gas tungsten arc welding may be the better alternative.

Experts will evaluate the materials, capabilities and finishing style you want for each project to ascertain which welding procedure will be most effective for your endeavor.

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